Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Sea Monster

8:30am - I awake to Squish batting a hand against my boob. He thinks this is funny. I do not.
9:00am - I'm showered, dressed, and have make up on. Squish has a clean diaper and onesie. We head off to the base clinic for some of Squish's 6 month shots.
9:10am - My prayers have been answered and for once I don't have to argue with them about only getting part of the normal immunizations (we delay certain vaccines). It's amazing how much quicker you can get through when no one spends 10 minutes telling you that you're a horrible parent. Squish cried for .3 seconds and then smiled. Score!
9:20am - Done and in the car headed to the BX.
9:30am - Cuss out AT&T because it keeps dropping my call between my dad and I. It only happens when I call home, so I guess they have tower issues there. Finally get the info I wanted.
9:35am - Back home. Finally pour myself a cup of coffee and have an apple muffin with it. Meanwhile I play "Fetch the Baby" as he rolls places he shouldn't and chases after the cat.
10:05am - Are you getting tired yet kid? Apparently not cause eating the floor is a lot more fun! And when did you lose a sock?!
10:20am - Squish is finally shows a sign of becoming tired. I nurse him, change his diaper twice, read him 3 books and he's out asleep in his crib by 10:35.
11:00am - I've put away last night's clean dishes, washed this morning's dishes, started a load of diapers in the washer, and finally addressed and put in the mail mother's day cards.
12:00pm - Spent the past hour sitting on my butt, enjoying the magical world of the internet. Somehow I always find myself looking up baby carriers and cloth diapers. What did I do before Squish? Oh yeah, read a lot and get board easier. lol. I finally get off my butt and throw the diapers into the dryer. And promptly get back online, enjoying the extra bit of silence since Squish doesn't often nap this long.
12:30pm - Squish is up and it's time for lunch! I enjoy leftover deep dish pizza while Squish demonstrates once again that he does not like banana. Gave him some steamed zucchini too which he seemed to like a bit more despite his funny faces at it.
1:00pm - After a quick nursing, Squish's diaper is change and we head out the door for a couple of errands in town. Squish enjoys a cat nap on my back in an Ergo while I roam around. As always I get a lot of stares. I take my time looking at stuff that I know I'll never buy though.
2:45pm - Home! Squish is energized from his quick nap, so he teethes on our rocking chair and then plays with the cat (the cat was dumb enough to go up to him). I'm tired and wondering when my nap time is (too bad I am not a napper).

3:30pm - Squish finally showing signs of wearing down. I change his diaper, nurse, read him 3 books, and he's out by 3:40. I turn on the TV and watch Jordan's episode of 16 and Pregnant while I work on cutting out cloth for cloth wipes.
4:30pm - Squish is up! He's confused by the crying baby on the TV (haven't quite finished 16 and Pregnant). Have to say this is one of the better episodes I've ever seen. It looks like this teen is trying so hard and is doing everything she can to be a good mom.
4:45pm - Done with my daily trash, so I spend a bit playing games with Squish who is finally seems to be enjoying sitting up.
5:00pm - Squish suddenly has a break down and starts yawning. Oh yay. Try rocking and reading to him as always, but he fights sleeping. Eventually try the baby swing. That poor swing is definitely being outgrown. :(
5:30pm - Ordered 2 new cloth diapers for use overnight. *crosses fingers that these work*
5:35pm - I put up dry dishes, wash lunch dishes, and start dinner (tonight it's spaghetti squash tacos).
6:20pm - My hubby is home from his 12 hours of training and dinner is almost done! Unfortunately, Squish is awake and still cranky. We sit down to eat as a family. Squish tries spinach, cheddar cheese, and black beans. The only thing he actually ate was the spinach. Weird kid.
7:00pm - Done with dinner. I convince hubby to watch Squish while I do the dinner dishes, clean the kitchen counters, and sweep the kitchen. Is it sad that I was excited to do this right after dinner instead of later tonight?
7:20pm - Laugh at my husband attempting the chicken dance. Continue working on cutting fabric. One day I'll finish.
7:30pm - Gave up cutting fabric. Again. Fold diapers instead. Jealous of my day yet? Why not? ;)
7:45pm - DH takes off to study. I'm left with Squish the Grumpy.
8:00pm - I've had enough "fun" with Squish and get him ready for bed. Finally down in his crib asleep by 8:30pm. I make DH a lunch, pick up the living room (hide all the baby toys), and sit down with a glass of wine. I enjoy typing up my day and watching random TV.
10:00pm - Squish is still asleep (WOO HOO). I'm going to post this and get ready for bed myself. I will read on my iPad till Squish wakes up to eat. Then it's cosleeping till the morning. :)

I have pretty boring days. But somehow managed to write quite a bit. lol.

See why I don't post more often?

I'll upload pics from today sometime tomorrow and update this post then.


Ally said...

That is it?? Just joking, its crazy to think that once in your life not long ago you were bored, isnt it?? Bored is not in the vocab of new moms. You are doing awesome. 3 books at a time?? My kids are lucky if they got one a day ...enjoy that wine :)

Mrs Sea Monster said...

Short board books. Not really much of a story line. lol. I think the longest book that he tolerates is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. :)