Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Forgotten

So I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've started a few entries over the past few months. Then stopped. I didn't want this to be all about my kid, parenting, etc. I wanted this to be about me. Well, me right now is putting up with Squish and the military whims 24/7.  While there is a lot more to me than "mom" and "military wife," it's time for me to face the facts that those titles are what affects me the most these days. So from here on out, expect a lot of rants and raves related to things that affect me. What you won't ever see here though is political discussions. I have my definite opinions, but they won't be shared here out of respect to my husband and others. Plus I'd rather waste my breath on things like cloth diapers and others stupidity. :D

A bit about me. I'm a 28 year old Air Force wife. My husband, DH, has a really cool job. He loves it. I love it... most days. We have one son who is about to turn one (eek!). I call him Squish on here cause he used to be squishy. Now he doesn't sit long enough to let the fat settle. I spend my days chasing Squish around the house, doing cloth diaper laundry, cooking for my family, picking up 999 toys, watching Star Trek Voyager on Netflix, and texting my best friend. Oh, and spending way too much time online during Squish's naps.


Our Traveling Circus said...

Your little squish is just adorable! Such beautiful blue eyes!
I totally feel your pain with being frustrated by 'military whims'. So very annoying sometimes!

Mandy (shopaholicM)

Ally said...

He is a cutie and dh's new nickname at work is Beam me up Scotty, he had to explain it to me because I never seen Star Trek *eye roll*