Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I don't post more photos on my cooking/recipe blog

So I've been working on improving a recipe recently and thought I might try to take some process photos. Let's just say that didn't really happen. Y'all are lucky to get any photos on my food blog.
Cause this is how I end up cooking most of the time these days.
Squish is on my back in these photos in a double hammock carry using a Storch Anna woven wrap.
We always start off happily enough.

Sometimes he falls asleep for a little cat nap and it's beautiful. 

But most of the time he's like this.

Doesn't he just look happy? :p

Thankfully this day loud music playing on my laptop helped distract him away from his mission to scream his lungs out.

Thank God for babywearing. Not sure how I'd ever cook without it!

But don't expect any great photos any time soon. Ha ha.


Jen said...

I can't wait until My son is big enough to be worn on my back. I can do most stuff around the house wearing him, but not safely cook.

Mrs Sea Monster said...

Jen, depends on your carrier when you can start wearing on your back. You can safely use a woven wrap (just not a stretchy like the Moby) to wear a newborn on your back. With other carriers (mei tais and soft structured carriers) you do need to wait longer since it can't fully support a small baby properly on the back. Thanks for stopping by! :D