Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yummy diapers....

Decided I should put my sewing skills to good use and save myself some money by making my own cloth diapers. They're not the prettiest, but they are very functional despite wonky sewing. If you're interested in sewing your own Rita's Rump Pocket and Baa Baa Baby are two good places to start for free patterns. With my son pocket diapers have worked out great, but with my baby girl they're not working out as well. However, fitteds are great! I really like how I could stuff my pockets without however much or little I needed, so stuffable fitteds (or pocket fitteds) make me happy. I also have a new love for wool, so bring on the fitteds!!!

My first diaper!
I made my own pattern and used other online tutorials to figure out how to sew what I had in mind.

A couple of diapers later I made this one (pattern changed up some).
I love the pretty yellow chevron. 
This is a little big on her right now, but at the rate she's growing will fit well soon!

 My latest diaper. Got my snap pliers in recently and I feel like I'm unstoppable now! LOL

My sewing is still not so straight, but all the diapers are holding up in the wash and are working well on Baby Girl. Best yet is that they've all been made with cheap flannel receiving blankets.

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Kevin O'Leary said...

I am new to your blog(s)--I cam here via your cooking blog. I was looking for new lunch ideas for my 23-month-old son. I have to tell you I am astounded that your first diaper turned out so great. Also, your 9/26 day in the life is the most accurate rendition of life at home with a toddler that I have ever seen. Thank you for that.