Monday, April 11, 2011

Still decluttering

Last Friday I emptied our refrigerator and freezer. I cleaned it down. Double checked expiration dates. Got rid of the last bit of leftovers that were left hanging around. Organized everything so it's pretty. I spent a few minutes on the pantry, but it was already in fairly great shape. And all in less than 30 minutes.

Why was I putting that off? Didn't take much time at all. It's one of those things that should be done frequently, but yet many put it off as if it's this horrible long task. It really isn't.

And we had red kool aid spilled on the bottom of the fridge.

Sorry, no pictures.

Need to get my butt in gear soon on that paper pile though. Still haven't gone through that. It's just growing taller each week too.

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