Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What the heck is this? (And how to go out of town with a baby.)

Seriously. What is this thing?
(Yes, I'm talking about the man with the preschool aged boy that's so high that he's peering over his daddy's head.)

Saw that contraption at Sea World in San Antonio on Sunday. That place is like a big game of stroller bumper cars. With that family and me not participating, of course. Don't get me wrong, I love my stroller and did tons of research before buying one, but there are times when a stroller is inconvenient. Like at Sea World. You can't take them into the shows. You can't take them up to some of the animal exhibits. Do you no good for the rides and the water park. I actually saw about a dozen families who were holding their little ones and pushing the empty stroller. Meanwhile my little man was on my back in an Angel Pack LX. Took two good long naps. When awake I walked right up to the exhibits for him to see the animals. I did take him out and hold him (or had a friend hold him while I rode roller coasters lol). It was a fun day! And I could take the stairs. ;)

I saw one other baby wearing mama while in San Antonio. She had her little one in a Bjorn type carrier that was super low (the baby was by the mamas crouch, no kidding). Not sure how comfortable that was. This was at the Riverwalk on Friday. That day I wore Squish in a mix of a ring sling, a mei tai baby, and the APLX. He did spend a couple of hours out of carriers thanks to my sister who when around insisted on holding him because "I don't want to look funny." Oh well, I did get him to take two great long naps thanks to baby wearing.

Now before you think I'm completely crunchy here, Squish spent half of Saturday enjoying his stroller. Can't figure out a good way to try on clothes and baby wear. Just not that talented. ;)

Squish was a great baby on our trip though. He slept great at night (we co slept). He was just a happy baby who was grateful to see all the new stuff as we made our way around the city. 

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