Wednesday, March 30, 2011


According to my husband I'm really weird for wanting to meet strangers that I've met online. A few years ago I was able to meet a few military wives that I only knew from an online spouse forum. Since then I've met a couple more from that same source. I'm sure I'll meet more in the future!
Monday we took a day trip out of this hell hole, I mean grand border town. Ha. We enjoyed some real shopping a couple of hours drive away. While there, I was able to meet up with...yep, you got it! A friend I had met online! This time it is a mamma who has a little girl about the same age as Squish. My husband tried warning me about all the freaks out there in the world and how do I know that this person is who I think she is....but I trusted my gut. And she was as nice in person as online.
Nice to meet ya!

I think she liked Squish.

Later that day before we left the real city. 
Notice the costume change? 
Yeah, that's what happens when you back carry a baby. ;)

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