Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet my squish

He has big expressive eyes. 
Easy to tell when he's truly frustrated, upset, happy, or tired. 

He doesn't real cry much, so when he does I KNOW something is up. 

He's extremely ticklish, which I love.

Most of time he loves being worn. 
I call my mei tai carriers my sanity saver.

He's a rolling monster now. 
He's also recently learned to scoot himself on his tummy with his arms.

I already miss the pet rock stage.


Jeanette Murray said...

We used to call it the "potato with appendages" stage. But "pet rock" stage is just as applicable. haha Once they start crawling...then walking...then running... WATCH OUT! Every man for themselves! haha He's adorable though. :)

Mrs Sea Monster said...

Potato with appendages stage! That's a great one! Thanks. :)