Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I dream a dream

Yeah, totally did not think this through.

Got the bright idea to container garden. Most people try a small herb container first. Maybe even one of those can't-kill-them-if-you-try plants. I have ambition though. I'm going to go all out with tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and peppers. I truly have no idea if it's even possible to grow all of these in a container. But, I bought the seeds anyway. For a couple of dollars I got my stash. I've watched the seeds grow a heck of a lot faster than I ever expected them to grow. Back in elementary school they would take weeks to do anything. In my house? A mere weekend. This morning I had 50 little pants sprouting in my dining room. Yeah. 50. Would have been 72 but the peppers weren't so fond of me. Smart little seeds.

I have 5 descent sized pots.

See a problem yet?

I didn't till this afternoon when I convinced my husband to help me out on the patio with my project.
"Uh, honey? Did you research how many plants for a pot? And how far deep to plant them?"
"Ummm...buy the seeds, watch them sprout, and then plant them! Water them every day. Reap the rewards this summer."

Yeah, my response did not inspire confidence.

At least last weekend we had cleared out the back flower bed (we killed all the previous flowers lol), so some of the overflow plants were put back there. The rest have met their fate in the garbage. My husband is pretty sure we're not supposed to garden in base housing, but I figure it's in the assigned flower bed spot so we're good. Besides, we killed the last flowers back there. What are the chances of my garden surviving?

I still have this wonderful dream going through my head of using my vegetables to cook with this summer.

This is assuming that we don't get orders to move in April. I mean how hard could it be to transport a garden 280 miles?

(And before you think I'm completely off my rocker, I do have a fairly good idea how to maintain a garden thinks to years of helping my parents who still grow a successful garden every year. I just never paid attention to the planting aspect.)

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Ally said...

Man best of luck. I can easily kill a cactus. I have dreams of eating vegetables that I planted but it will never happen..lol