Monday, March 14, 2011

Project: Simplify WEEK 1

Who doesn't need to simplify their homes and their lives?

I'm a military wife. Let's just be honest and admit that there's a lot of moving with this lifestyle. We moved to our current base at the end of July. I got rid of a TON of stuff last June while DH was TDY and I was a pregnant housewife looking for something to do. Felt great. And know what I miss of everything I got rid of? Nothing. But there's more to be done. And oh boy did some stuff pile up during my extended 3rd trimester and during the newborn phase. Time to get back at it. Project: Simplify is a good way to get started!

And I'm already a week behind.


Today I decided to take full advantage of Squish's first nap. I tackled the closet and my dresser.

Before. Yep, that's a stuffed bunny up there. I really didn't change a thing before snapping photos!

After. I didn't get rid of much, just two Walmart sacks worth, but things are better organized. I finally put away all of my maternity clothes. I put my shirts together, my skirts together, and my dress pants together. I can't fit all of those tops yet, but I have high hopes for achieving my after baby weight loss soon. Up top I separated jeans by what's starting to get too big, pants that fit me well, capris and shorts, and jeans that I hope to get back into one day. I also finally found a place for all my shoes. And above my shoes? Yep, that's my whole winter wardrobe put away (seriously that's it). 

I did tackle my dresser and made a huge difference there. I don't want pictures of my underwear online, so use your imagination (but don't go too wild). 

I got rid of a lot of unneeded clothes last June, so there wasn't much to do with my clothes other than to organize. I feel better about it. I no longer have to dodge around maternity if nothing else. 

My husband's closet on the other hand? Yeah, that's all his. He'll get a small break of a couple of days soon, so I hope to get him motivated to deal with his mess during that time.

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