Thursday, February 21, 2013

New year, new hobby?

Last summer I got it in my mind that I should learn how to knit so I could knit my own wool bottoms for Baby Girl. For those not in the know, wool is a fantastic cover option for cloth diapers. Knit wool covers are ADORABLE and super functional. But a bit expensive. Well, after months of starting and stopping I have this washcloth to show off. Yeah, won't be winning any medals that's for sure. Knit longies? HA HA HA. I can't even knit a damn square. I did try crocheting. Very messy for someone who likes exactness. I felt like I was making random loops for nothing. Still haven't given up on yarn, but decided it was time to try something else. 

Last weekend I decided that I was going to go out and buy a sewing machine and see about sewing. Not sure if I was going to be any good, let alone stick with it, I bought the cheap Brother from Walmart (this town doesn't exactly have many options and I haven't seen any used machines posted on local swaps). I sat down that same afternoon and stared at my machine. I've never touched one before. I inserted the included DVD into my laptop and after 30 minutes of cursing the lady on the DVD I had a threaded machine. My first project is the often pinned reusable bag from a tank top. I rummaged this out of the bag of clothes I was going to donate.

I felt so accomplished for sewing a line, even if it wasn't so straight. HA. Time to move on to bigger things! 

Yep, my second project completed the exact same day I bought my first sewing machine was a baby dress. Not to bad for clearance Walmart fabric. No pattern. Well, I attempted to use a pattern and gave up. I just did my best knowing in theory how to make this style of dress.

Doesn't Baby Girl look adorable? :D

And yes this chubby baby is only 11 weeks in this photo.

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