Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day in the Life of...a 22.5 month toddler and a 32 week pregnant lady

Well, this wasn't the day I intended to have (are they ever?!), but it's a typical day in the Monster household. 
Squish, who isn't as squishy as he used to be, woke up way too early as usual. I think it was about 6:45am. My husband wasn't quite out of the house, but would be minutes later. Here Squish is trying to peek in on his dada after he woke and climbed out of his toddler bed.

Getting tired of door peaking, he brings me an empty bowl and tells me "Shew! Shew!" In toddlerese this means "I want cereal now." Since he has a bowl I realize that before coming into my bedroom he went downstairs to get the bowl. Oh yay.

Off downstairs we go once I put in my contacts and get my body out of bed.
Yes, my child walks down the stairs. Has no clue that he's not an adult.

Breakfast is honey nut cheerios and a banana. In typical Squish fashion he demands TWO bowls of cereal. 

First diaper change of the day - into a Kawaii mom label pocket with 2 bamboo inserts.

Mommy doesn't do so well on the floor these days, so blocks come to the table where we build. I was rather impressed by the two towers he made and LEFT UP. Usually he destroys before I can get a picture!

While Mommy cleaned up breakfast, Squish headed upstairs to his big boy room (he's still in the nursery, but as soon as his new room is finished he'll move over!). No clue what he did but when I got up there the cat was meowing and Squish was on top of him. No, kid isn't asleep he's throwing a fit because he got caught. :p

Mommy drags him downstairs to watch half an episode of Sesame Street ("ELMO!" as Squish proclaims loudly.) Afterwards he meanders over to his downstairs play space. I try to convince him that it's time to take a bath. Eventually he agrees to "splaaaa!" (splash)

For my sanity, Squish still takes a shower with me. When I finish he makes himself a bath while I dress and get ready in the bathroom (boy how I love having a bathroom big enough for this now!).
Diaper change after bath (like how I have to use my feet? *sigh*) and clothes on. Squish tries to hang up his towel for me. :)

Here's where the day derails. I planned on taking Squish to the park and then on our weekly Target run (I'm a bit obsessed about finding the best deals I can with coupon matching and clearance hunts....ha ha).
See the problem?
Yes, angry text got sent to my hubby. Not that he'd see it till that night anyways. Man took the vehicle with the car seat. Didn't even leave me the seat! Grrrrr. Looks like we're going nowhere because at this point a long walk to a toddler safe playground just isn't in me.

*insert toddler meltdown*
Cause he just doesn't get it.
Poor kid. :(

I get us both inside eventually and I look at my kitchen. Fine, if I can't have fun then at least we'll be productive!

Squish is a great helper when he wants to be. I wash dishes as he hands me the dirty ones one at a time. 

Eventually we finish with the dishes. Start the dish washer and spray off the counters. This isn't a quick process though, so by the time we finish it's lunch time!

I was going to give him grapes, but the child stole some yogurt so he had that with a quesadilla. As always he finishes every last bite. :p

Squish plays while I continue my crazy pregnant lady obsession to clean.

Ooooo...pretty. Yes, I even go as far as to organize his play kitchen items. Why? Because I'm the crazy pregnant lady. That's why.

Squish gets bored about this time and decides he's going to help me dust! Score!

Apparently cleaning his play space wasn't okay. Toddler meltdown! 

When he calms dow I change his diaper (prefold snappied under a Blueberry OS cover) and we go upstairs for nap time. No pictures of our routine because I didn't want anything to disturb him. By a miracle he goes down easily and sleeps *very well* for him (he doesn't nap everyday anymore sadly). While he sleeps I veg on the couch catching up on TV, Facebook, and my forums. After 90 minutes I decide to be productive again and start stuffing diapers that have been waiting to be stuffed for 3 days. (Yeah, my stash that fits Squish is big enough for
Look who's up before I finish! He tries to help. Not so helpful. :p
Eventually I do get a halfway descent picture of us together.

Look how pretty the diapers are. Poor boy's diapers are starting to look a bit girly.....;)

He "helps" me put up the diapers and gets a diaper change into a Sunbaby pocket stuffed with one hemp insert and one bamboo insert (not Sunbaby).

At this point we head off upstairs. Squish plays in his new room while I try to get more things put up and organized. 

Mail has arrived! I check the mail while the child wonders around for a bit.
Mommy is really having pains at this point (somehow the previous day I pulled a muscle and let's just say it HURT by this point), so we have popcorn for an afternoon snack and watch most of Toy Story.

When Squish gets bored he goes upstairs to grab his favorite airplanes and we fly them in the air. And then Squish insists that they crash about 5 thousand times. 

Diaper change! Kawaii mom label with two bamboo inserts.

Tylenol is helping me some, so I do a bit of laundry.

And take a new belly pic! Yep, that's me at 32 weeks, 5 days. Just another 7-9 weeks to go!

Meanwhile Aiden plays with his play kitchen. Current biggest hit? Emptied and washed spice containers!

And pretty much as soon as I sit down he brings me a plate and demands "foo foo!"

*sigh* yeah, it is that time isn't it?

Squish LOVES to climb, so I've been trying to find ways to let him climb in a more controlled manner. Right now he helps me prep dinner and that goes amazingly well considering how unhelpful a toddler can be at times. He hands me things I need, stirs up batters, and throws things away for me.

Tonight we are having chili and cornbread! I made two batches of chili - one is put into the freezer for a super easy after baby meal.

Squish eats that whole large piece of cornbread and two bowls of chili. Not quite sure where he puts it all. And yes, I realize this is not typical toddler eating! He has his days where he's super picky and won't touch a thing but he always makes up for it with days like today. He's always reminding me to look at what a toddler eats by the WEEK, not the day!

I go to clean up dinner and catch him doing this. Oops.

So I put him to work unloading the dishwasher. ;)

By this point Mommy is worn out, but not Squish! So we do an art project. Mommy loves art and Squish LOVES to color. This is the first time Squish is allowed to use glue sticks. He thinks they're pretty great and since he didn't eat them Mommy thinks this is a very successful project!

By now it's 7:30pm and I'm really ready for daddy to get home!

Another diaper change. This time into an Itti Bitti Tutto in the beach print. LOVE this diaper.

Bit more playing as we wait.

Dada and Squish play around for a few minutes before Dada changes him into a night diaper and PJs. Then it's blown kisses to Mommy and Dada takes him upstairs for bed.

Mommy sits on the couch for the next two hours. Then she collapses in bed. Cause after all, I get to repeat all of this tomorrow. Woo.


Anna said...

Hopefully tomorrow your hubs will remember to leave you the car with the carseat in it, or at least take the seat out. I know that getting out of the house absolutely saves my sanity some days. I think it's amazing how much you accomplish being that pregnant and having the 'help' of a toddler. I am no where near that productive!

Ginny said...

And people say stay-at-home mama's don't do anything all day. Pssh! We know that's not true!

I'm impressed with what your little man eats. I know it's not everyday but, wow!

I loved all your pictures and I can tell you're nesting. Oh how I loved nesting!!!

You look great and I hope your pulled muscle gets better. Get your doc to refer you to a physical therapist if needed. I went to one at the end of both pregnancies for pregnancy pains and he helped so much!

Mary B. said...

I really enjoyed reading this entry that I found via your toddler lunches entry. It was hilarious, comforting, and impressive. My favorite part being when you explained about him being up on the bed with the cat and said, "No, kid's not asleep, he's throwing a fit." HAHAHA because of course when I was scrolling and before I had read it, I was thinking "Did that kid go up there and sleep all by him self!?" But of course...he's a toddler, so fit it is. Ha!

Thanks for writing. Glad I found your blog.