Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Crib Quilt Clips

Has anyone noticed how expensive quilt clips are these days? They're not the easiest to find as it is and there's a bit of a monopoly on where to find cute ones (just do a google search)! So with the help of some friends I figured out the clips one site more than likely uses and made my own.
SUPER EASY PROJECT. Seriously. I made mine while dinner was in the oven yesterday.

First, the clips. Thank you Walmart. As much as I hate you, you came through as the clear winner in finding duplicate clips to the cute (expensive!) ones online. Less than $3 for a bag of 12. So go in with some friends, make extras for gifts, or use them for other purposes.

Second, you need wood shapes. Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and yes even Walmart carries these super cheap. Don't even want to paint? Don't worry they even sell them already painted all nice and pretty for you for just a bit more money. Pretty sure mine were under 50 cents each. 
I painted mine myself. I grabbed the first paint I saw in my collection and went to work.

Time to put them together! Break out your handy dandy glue gun. 

Put a nice glob on one side of the clip. If anything I went a bit overboard but hey, they're definitely not going anywhere!

That's it. The hard part for me was finding the clips! 

I haven't hung these up yet (still gotta get my son out of the nursery!), but I have zero hesitation in using three clips to hold up the lightweight quilt I bought for Baby Girl. Just hang the clips on the wall using a long nail at a 45 degree angle. Great wall art for a nursery since it's always best to keep all blankets out of the crib for the first year. And best yet for less than $5 I have a set of three and supplies to make more if I feel the need. 


Holly said...

Those are super cute! And yes I hear you on the price. I paid like 25$ for a set of two when we had DS. One of the few things I kept so using them again for DD. They are just plain white stars too, might paint them or something :D

Mrs Sea Monster said...

Sorry the photos are gone. I will work on getting photos back up for this entry soon since a few people have said they liked this idea a lot. :)

Melissa C. said...

Any luck on reposting the pictures? I love this idea!!