Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Cloth Diapers

Since we have pretty much everything we need for a baby, I figure I'd splurge on a few girly diapers. A couple of them my son is trying out for me. HA HA.

Are these not the cutest ever? They are "one sized" fitteds from Greenchild Creations on etsy. One of mine is flannel and the other is cotton. She also has bamboo available. They do have pockets so you can increase the absorbency easily.  While fitteds do require a cover to keep from leaking I've found that when stuffed I'm able to keep my son coverless around the house. I've just been stuffing with folded flats - nothing fancy! These are "one size" because the very tall rise is fold down! Fold it down as small as you need it (gets larger than the left and smaller than the right!). Fairly nifty. You might notice the lack of snaps or velcro, and that's because the ones I got do need pins. With some help from Greenchild herself over on her Facebook page (she's got picture help!) I've gotten better at pinning these correctly. However, in her shop you can add snaps or velcro to any of these diapers if you really don't want to pin. I'm horrible at pinning, but I like being able to adjust the waist to be exactly what I want it to be every time (plus I hate velcro).

These are a great fit on Squish with TONS of rise left to go - perfect for a child like mine who has already outgrown the rise of some other "one size" diapers. And yeah, I've improved from the pinning seen in above picture. ;)

And lastly, Squish yesterday trying out a blue label bamboo Kawaii pocket. I love my mom label pockets, but could only get this lovely pink color in the blue label. Just minor differences between the two kinds. I prefer the mom label, but these are not a bad diaper at all. Still fit DS and should fit Baby Girl around 10-12 pounds.
As for the rest of the 'outfit'.....well, toddler choice won yesterday in this house!

Have you tried any new diapers recently? 

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Holly said...

Awesome review! I am still building my stash for Madelyn. I am so hesitant to try new stuff!!